Pastor Shakeel Din initiative

Pakistan Church Planting Mission

Pastor Shakeel Din is a Young Christian Missionary better known as a Founder and Executive Director of One Vision Society and Independent Churches.  The Pakistan Church Planting Mission, spearheaded by Pastor Shakeel Din under the umbrella of Independent Churches, is a remarkable initiative dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ and establishing vibrant Christian communities throughout Pakistan. Pastor Shakeel Din’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in guiding this mission, inspiring believers to join hands in the noble task of planting churches across the nation. Driven by a deep sense of faith and a passion for evangelism, Pastor Shakeel Din has rallied believers from diverse backgrounds to participate in the mission of church planting. His leadership has infused the movement with energy, direction, and a spirit of unity, empowering individuals and communities to work together towards a common goal.

The Pakistan Church Planting Mission, under Pastor Shakeel Din’s guidance, operates with a holistic approach that encompasses evangelism, discipleship, and community development. Through strategic planning and collaborative efforts, Pastor Shakeel Din has mobilized resources and manpower to reach unreached areas, establish new congregations, and nurture them into thriving churches.

Pastor Shakeel Din’s commitment to equipping and empowering local leaders has been a cornerstone of the mission’s success. Recognizing the importance of indigenous leadership, he has invested in training programs, mentorship initiatives, and theological education to develop a cadre of capable pastors and ministers who can effectively shepherd their congregations.

Under Pastor Shakeel Din’s leadership, the Pakistan Church Planting Mission has also prioritized holistic ministry that addresses the practical needs of communities alongside their spiritual needs. Through initiatives such as education, healthcare, and vocational training, the mission seeks to demonstrate Christ’s love in tangible ways and foster sustainable development in the areas it serves.

Despite facing challenges such as religious persecution and social stigma, Pastor Shakeel Din’s unwavering faith and determination have kept the mission steadfast on its course. His leadership has inspired believers to persevere in the face of adversity, trusting in God’s provision and relying on the power of prayer to overcome obstacles.

Through Pastor Shakeel Din’s visionary leadership, the Pakistan Church Planting Mission continues to make a profound impact, bringing hope, transformation, and the message of salvation to communities across Pakistan. As believers rally behind his vision, the mission stands poised to reach even greater heights, fulfilling its mandate to make disciples and establish God’s Kingdom on earth.