Church Planting in Pakistan

Evangelism is not enough, We need church planting missionaries in Pakistan

Church Planting in Pakistan

At the Pakistan Church Planting Mission, we are excited to share the remarkable progress of our ministry. Through God’s grace and your generous support, we have successfully planted 12 thriving churches across 9 cities in various states of Pakistan. Each of these churches serves as a beacon of hope, a community of faith, and a center for spiritual growth.

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Church planting in Pakistan

Why Church Planting in Pakistan?

Church planting is at the heart of our mission because it provides the foundation for spiritual growth, community support, and outreach. By establishing new churches, we create spaces where people can encounter God’s love, build meaningful relationships, and find hope and healing.

Our Vision:

    • House Churches: Small, intimate gatherings in the homes of dedicated believers, providing a safe and personal environment for worship and fellowship.
    • Traditional Churches: Visible and accessible places of worship in urban and rural areas, offering a full range of church activities and services.
    • Mother-Daughter Church Planting: Established churches supporting new church plants, fostering growth and unity within the Christian community.
    • Online Churches: Leveraging digital platforms to reach people safely and effectively, especially in areas where physical gatherings are challenging. How You Can Help:
      1. Pray: Your prayers are vital. Pray for the safety, strength, and perseverance of those involved in church planting. Pray for open hearts and minds, and for the growth of new congregations.
      2. Give: Financial support is crucial for starting and sustaining new churches. Your donations help us provide training for leaders, resources for worship, and support for community outreach.
      3. Volunteer: If you feel called to get involved directly, there are numerous ways to volunteer. From hosting a home church to assisting with community projects, your hands and heart can make a significant impact.
      4. Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends, family, and church community. Raising awareness helps us find new supporters and partners in this vital work.

Support a New Church Plant in Pakistan:
Your contribution can make a tangible difference. By supporting a new church plant, you are helping to establish a beacon of hope in a community that desperately needs it. Here’s how your support can be used:

      • $50 can provide materials for Bible studies and worship services.
      • $100 can help train a new home church leader.
      • $500 can support the setup of an online church platform.
      • $1,000 can contribute to renting a space for a traditional church

Get Involved Today:
To support church planting in Pakistan, please visit our website at to donate, volunteer, or learn more about our mission. You can also contact us directly at for more information on how you can make a difference.

Together, we can spread the light of Christ across Pakistan, one church at a time. Thank you for your support and partnership in this important work.